“Twighlight’s Lodge Production” was established in 2014 by Olga Twighlight (filmmaker, creative producer) and Ekaterina Stetsyuk (film producer).

The “TwiGHliGHt’s Lodge" creative association was established in 2006, and the most part of the future "TLP" main activities had been developed during the next decade.

We are open for international cooperation, co-production and distribution

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Russia, Saint–Petersburg


Creative style:

Surrealistic, twilight images born from the deepest nowhere of subconscious, half-real, half-dreamly. The Mask, the Half-light and the Deep Blue. Olga’s Mythology is generating at the junction of visual arts: cinema, theatre and grotesque show. Actors and musicians, performing in Olga’s shows and movies, turn into mystical creatures finding their superhuman entity while the ordinary world is transformed into a surrealistic fantasy.

Educated at:

  • St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Film school
  • Private Institution of higher education "Institute for Television and Design”, Department of Film- and TV; St. Petersburg, Russia
  • St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, producers course
  • Film school «Artkino on the Neva», St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Linguistic University, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Department of German Language/ Intercultural communication

Since 2010: creative producer and co-owner of show-event Masque-Ball "TwiGHliGHt All Night", Russia www.magicbal.ru

Since 2014: co-owner and creative producer of the Producer center "TwiGHliGHt's Lodge Production" LLC: film- and video production, show-events management


Educated at:

  • St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, Film school
  • Moscow, Producer’s Lab “KULTBURO”;
  • Saint-Petersburg, University of Cinema and Television, Producer of Film- and TV;

Since 2014: «Twighlight's Lodge Production» / Co-Founder

2005-2014: - Creative association "Twighlights Lodge"

Продюсерский центр "Сумеречный Лодж"
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  • корпоративных фильмов
  • рекламных и музыкальных роликов
  • короткометражного кино
  • создание музыкального сопровождения для видео, очистка музыкальных прав

Вам осталось только взять трубку и набрать наш номер!;)



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Genre: steampunk, sci-fi, mystery thriller
Running time: 30 min
Language: Russian, with English subtitles

Young provincial girl gets a job as assistant to mysterious Master of corsets. She dreams to conquer the high society and the Imperial capital. But the Master isn’t what he pretends to be and the girl's vain dreams lead her to perdition.

Written and directed by: Olga Twighlight
Produced by: Ekaterina Stetsyuk, Olga Twighlight
DoP: Pavel Smirnov
Original music track: "Set Me Free" - In Strict Confidence
Music composed by: Mikhail Robkanov
Starring: Vadim Demchog, Yury Utkin, Yulia Laserson, Ivan Ozhogin, Vera Sveshnikova

fb.com/corset.steampunk vk.com/corset_steampunk

Short film Corset is a prequel to the feature-length film «Soul Catcher»
and to the web series/cross-media Twighburg


Welcome to the steampunk Empire!

It’s a mini-series on 11 min coming out periodically on it’s web channel. «Twighburg» - dynamic stories in sci-fi/ noir/ mystery genre about fascinating capital of the fictional steampunk Empire and it’s dark secrets.

The action takes place in parallel reality at the late XIX century, in a fantastic city called Twighburg. The series will tell us stories of the dwellers of Upper and Lower Twighburg, united by a single mysterious detective puzzle. Each series is a puzzle that leads us to the story that will be told in the full-length movie.

Genre: steampunk, mystery, noir
References: “Penny Dreadful” 2015-2016, “Houdini and Doyl” 2016, “JEKYLL & HYDE” 2015, “Dracula” 2013-2014
Running time: 11 minutes / series, 40 episodes
Language: Russian / English (subtitles)

We are looking for co-production and distribution


fb.com/meritursas vk.com/meritursas

Genre: mystery thriller, horror
References: “Silent Hill” Ch.Gans, “Crimson Peak” G. del Toro, “Twin Peaks” D. Lynch&M.Frost, “Stalker” A.Tarkovsky.
Running time: 90 min

Strange looking inhabitants of an isolated settlement believes in the prophecy that a girl born in the lake will follow them to the lost Paradise under the water ... But the girl is kidnapped, so will the prophecy come true?...

The action of the story, based on the H.P. Lovecraft’s novels, takes place nowadays in Russia. The plot is based on the local legends of the Ladoga Lake (Saint-Petersburg region, Russia) and the ancient myths of the Lake’s monsters, also on the researches and articles about underwater and surface anomalies of the Ladoga Lake.

We are looking for co-production and distribution


Running time: 05:11 mm:ss
Genre: fiction, short

The mystery of doppelgangers from the other side of life behind a door.

A Girl gets into the surreal world finding her superhuman entity while looking for Someone, who takes Her place in the Reality.

Producer and Director: Olga TwiGHliGHt

Camera man: Alexander Olkha

Original music theme: Ilya Kruchinin

Cast: Lisa Osennova, Pavel Stepanov, Nikolay Karpov, Olga TwiGHliGHt


Running time: 05:11 mm:ss
Genre: fiction, short

What should be spoken, and what should remain silent?

What should be seen, and what should we close our eyes to?

Should everyone speak and appear as they really are?

What should be seen, and what should we close our eyes to?

Should we be slaves to cruel social and religious power against human rights? Should we disappear if we are not in the system? Or should we have a chance to live?

Though this is a fictitious dark tale, the short movie "Transformation" is very much a true and sad story about our current society.

Written & directed by: Olga TwiGHliGHt

DoP: Pavel Smirnov

He/her: Lera Miloslavskaya

Music by: Grandpa Theobald


Дью-дилидженс с МТТ

Booktrailer “RED CHAINS”

#БогачВызывает для Тинькофф журнал

Бал-Маскарад Сон в Белую Ночь

Ход строительства объекта

Лечу к тебе


Промо мероприятия.
Бал-Маскарад Сон в Белую Ночь

Репортаж с выставки "David Bowie Is" (Берлин)




Magic Masquerade Ball “TWIGHLIGHT ALL NIGHT” is the night of Fantasy, Dreams, Beauty and Miracles

The idea of the Magic Masquerade is based on Slavic myths and the most famous fairy-tales well known in the whole world.

Welcome to the Magic Masquerade Ball in Magic City – only for one Mysterious White Night in one of the most beautiful palaces of Saint-Petersburg –Venice of the North.

Anything is possible at the dreamlike Masquerade, which fills the twilight with magic, music, dancing, joy, and temptation!

Welcome to the Enchanted White Night Dream!


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