Welcome to the steampunk Empire!

It’s a mini-series on 11 min coming out periodically on it’s web channel. «Twighburg» - dynamic stories in sci-fi/ noir/ mystery genre about fascinating capital of the fictional steampunk Empire and it’s dark secrets.

The action takes place in parallel reality at the late XIX century, in a fantastic city called Twighburg. The series will tell us stories of the dwellers of Upper and Lower Twighburg, united by a single mysterious detective puzzle. Each series is a puzzle that leads us to the story that will be told in the full-length movie.

Genre: steampunk, mystery, noir
References: “Penny Dreadful” 2015-2016, “Houdini and Doyl” 2016, “JEKYLL & HYDE” 2015, “Dracula” 2013-2014
Running time: 11 minutes / series, 40 episodes
Language: Russian / English (subtitles)

We are looking for co-production and distribution